acrobatyellowGenerating ideas that are 'out sode the box' is what we do best. In fact, it's our specialty!

As an example...

Anyone can hire a band and wait for people to have a good time. The MGA way to the good time would be to use professional dancers to insure that people are on their feet, trippin' the light fantastic.

In our 15 year history, here are a ew ideas that knocked the socks off event participants

-Acrobats scaled from the ceiling of Saks Fifth Avenue
for an annual fundraiser that had a "lofty" goal to achieve

-Featured Penn & Teller, with their show of illusion and comedy
to relate to participants of a national banking conference during the recession.

-Parachutist dropped from the sky to deliver a key
for the grand opening of a new shipping company focused on special deliveries.

Bring us your challenge.We have CRAZY-GOOD, UNUSUAL ideas waiting for you, and the resources to facilitate them! And when it comes to the standard meeting or conference, we do those with our eyes closed.

"Michael - Thanks for adding the "sparkle" in our session! Our sessions were flawless and are still beign talked about, largely due to your great taste in entertainment"
Marveen Henderson
United Way of America
Alexandria, VA


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